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    Genetics and genetic testing for genealogy is allowing people to trace their genetic roots, find ancestoral lines and even allows people to see if they are suceptable to certain genetic diseases. Another use is for parents getting genetic tests done on kids, they want to make sure that they are the parent of a child in either custody or support cases. This is becoming quite common.

    Genetic Ancestry Testing can help people find out if they have any Native American mtDNA and which genetic line they belong to.

    Genetic testing is also used by forensic Services for highly degraded mtDNA cases requiring expert technical processing.

    Historical or anthropological research and investigations often involving real estate developments were anthropological remains have been found are using genetic testing to find out if the remains are of North american desent. You can test ancient mtDNA samples that are of historical, anthropological and archaeological importance and come up with genetic and anthropological information.


    There is a large demand for specialized employees who have experience in the genetic testing area. We will list some resources below were these sort of jobs can be found.

    USA: www.jobsearcho.com, US jobs including bioengineering jobs and genetic testing jobs.

    Australia: www.jobsearcho.com.au. Jobs in Australia including engineering jobs and jobs in Canberra were there is a large research and scientific community.

    UK: www.jobsearcho.co.uk UK Jobs including reaserch jobs and genetic testing jobs.